Viagem para participar da comemoração de 1 ano do AMM Tatui também o escudamento dos membros com 1 ano de AMM.

Two rides I led from March Moto Madness 2015. Loop 1 is 137 miles, loop 2 is 100 miles. Pavement to gravel ratio Loop 1 - 50:50 Loop 2 -50:50

From Moscow to Ekaterinburg We left Moscow and headed towards other Russian fields and lands. Nijnii Novgorod, oh, you beautiful city with amazing night life. We go to a hostel we knew from Rotea, the geography teacher. Alex's GPS goes wild and we find ourselves on a trail, going down, but we manage to find the destination. From under a bridge we can see, the one and only, Fabrika Hostel. 2 beautiful Russian girls await us at the door. Dasha has a Romanian grandma. They invite us to a narghilea, in return we give them what's left from tuica and…

Passeio de moto até Frutas Rondon na estrada de Itupeva, tradicional ponto de encontro de motociclistas da região. Em companhia dos amigos do AMM Indaiatuba. Em seguida uma esticada pra almoçar no Ponto do Peixe na estrada entre Morungaba e Tuiuti.

Easy mid-week ride

Easy ride in the middle of the week for a few hours.

Burro Schmidt Tunnel
Burro Schmidt Tunnel
Jerry Sparks

Burro Schmidt Tunnel, via dirt track from Ridgecrest, CA

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